Top Gray Hair Natural Remedies

Top Gray Hair Natural Solutions and Remedies - Gray Hair Solutions

Top Gray Hair Natural Solutions You Want to Use...

By now you are familiar of how to treat your gray hair by natural means and for a long time.

But if you actually don’t like the concept of having various pigmented hair until your primary color restores, use these top gray hair natural solutions and remedies to help accelerate the process.

Onion Juice Gray Hair Solution

Onion Juice Hair Remedy - Gray Hair Solutions
Onion Juice is a Highly effective Gray Hair Natural Solution, it is rich in the enzyme Catalase and has been used for hundreds of years as a top therapy for gray hair. The fact is, herbal healthcare specialists have been suggesting their clients to rub onions on their scalps to treat gray hair long prior to any hair dyes were ever developed!

So massaging onions and onion juice on your scalp daily is an effective gray hair natural remedy. Wheat grass and barley grass are also loaded with Catalase so combine and apply this onto your scalp daily likewise.

Gooseberries Gray Hair Solution

Gooseberry Juice Hair Remedy - Gray Hair solutions
You basically drink gooseberry juice daily along with blending a mixture of dried gooseberries and coconut or almond oil which you then apply and massage into your scalp nightly.

The most effective type of gooseberry if you can find it is the Indian gooseberry recognized as.

Henna Gray Hair Solution

Henna Gray Hair Solution -  Gray Hair Solutions
Another Very Great Gray Hair solution. Combine some castor oil and lemon juice until it goes creamy then put some henna.

Implement the mixture to your hair and scalp and leave it on for minimum of an hour before washing and shampooing your hair. Replicate daily.

Rosemary and Sage Gray Hair Solution

Rosemary and Sage - Gray Hair Solutions
Outstanding Gray Hair Solutions. Get half a cup of rosemary and half a cup of sage and boil in water for Half an hour. Let to cool for 2–3 hours then use to hair and scalp.

Keep on until it dries then shampoo off with natural shampoo. Do it again every week and gradually all gray hair will be vanished.

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