Premature Gray Hair Causes in Women

What Are the Causes of Premature Gray Hair in Women?

Some of the causes of Premature Gray Hair in Women are related to different factors.  Since Hair graying is a typical part of the aging process that develops when hair follicles halt developing melanin. In some Women, however, hair can turn prematurely gray, typically described as the beginning of  Hair graying prior to age 20 in Caucasians and prior to age 30 in Africans. This situation is often inherited, but there are also health-related conditions that can lead to it.

The causes of Premature Gray Hair in Women are: 
Alopecia Areata
Bone Mineral Density
Thyroid Disorders

"Gray hair is usually regarded as a sign of maturity. But a few women find their hair changing color in their 30s or even earlier."

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