Reverse Gray Hair With Fo Ti Root

Gray Hair Solutions - Fo Ti Root

Origins Of Fo Ti Root

Using a basic method to reverse gray hair with Fo Ti root is easy.  Knowing that Fo-ti is the dried or treated root of a twining vine in the knotweed household, found throughout China, apart from in the far northeast. It is also sometimes grown in National gardens as an decorative.

 Ask Asian herbal healthcare specialists about "fo-ti" and they wont know what you're chatting about. The name was presented to the plant by a marketing expert in the beginning 1970s for the National herb business. In The far east, it is recognized as he-shou-wu.

Traditional Uses Of Fo Ti Root

In Chinese treatment the dried (organic) root and the cured (refined) root are viewed as two distinct herbs. The organic root is used to loosen up the bowels and cleanse the blood. The refined root is used to enhance the blood, stimulate the liver and kidneys, and complement vital energy.

Refined fo-ti is one of the more commonly used medicines in standard Chinese medicine, which engages it to improve longevity, maximize vigor, and enhance fertility. It is also an ingredient in formulas for premature gray hair, lower back pain, angina pectoris, reduced energy, and other circumstances.

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FO-TI has been used by Chinese over the years. Many people are taking FO-TI and they have observed that their hair is getting darker. It also helps for faster growth of the hair besides making it less gray.The hair is composed of proteins. The melanin…