Could Gray Hair Cure Be a Bad Thing?

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Could Gray Hair Cure Be a Bad Thing? You Tell Us.

Gray hair is, combined with early hair loss, one of the biggest worries of image-conscious individuals everywhere you go, but it may shortly be an issue of the past. Researchers have discovered the proteins that trigger gray hair, which could lead to an ultimate cure.

Yet, do u think that it is good for people to get rid of their gray hair by using products to reverse gray hair.  How would the world look without Gray Hair?

Potential Gray Hair Cure Could Be a Bad Thing (via NewsLook)
Video News by NewsLook Researchers in the UK have found a potential cure for gray hair. But is that a good thing? Rena Karefa-Johnson wonders whether Hollywood's hottest would be better with or without their gray locks.

Gorgeous Gray Shampoo

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Gorgeous Gray is loaded with scalp enhancing benefits such as: keratin; biotin; folic and pantothenic acid; and many more. It is recommended using Glamorous Gray Vitamin Hair Bath after washing with Gorgeous Gray Shampoo for the most effective outcomes.

GutZgray Launches Gray Hair Care Products for Women and Men at Cosmoprof North America (via MarketWired)
SOURCE: gutZgray July 01, 2013 14:36 ET HENDERSONVILLE, NC--(Marketwired - Jul 1, 2013) - GutZgray introduces a new line of hair products to care for gray hair or colored gray hair at the Cosmoprof North America Conference, July 14 - 16, 2013. Find…

Root Cause Of Gray Hair

Gray Hair Solutions - Root Cause Of Gray Hair
A major root cause of gray hair is that catalase, an enzyme, splits hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen. But reduced levels of this enzyme, put together with lower levels of other enzymes that restore hydrogen peroxide damage, trigger hair to turn gray as people get older.

It was reported that the researchers, whose findings are published in the experimental-biology publication FASEB Journal, analyzed 2,411 people with vitiligo.

Scientists Find Root Cause of Gray Hair (via SBWire)
A team of European Researchers claim they have found the cause of hair discoloration and how to stop it from happening. San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/01/2013 -- While it’s been known for years that the hair turns gray as a cause of oxidative…