5 Stressful Jobs To turn Your Hair Gray

Could your job be making you gray?

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If you’re worried about going gray – try to relax.  Researchers have found too much stress really does turn our hair white.
Scientists found the cells that give hair its color vanish when the body is exposed to stress hormones.
And regrettably for those impacted, these ‘colourful’ cells are improbable to return, leaving the hair grey for ever.
Via: [Daily Mail]

5 Stressful Jobs To turn Your Hair Gray:

Every job can be stressful. But a number of profession paths, nevertheless, are more likely to turn your hair gray. So how do we link gray hair to stressful jobs? And What are the 5 most stressful jobs that may lead your hair to turn gray:

1- Pilot

" People are always yelling at you to go faster, but you just have to fly."

2- Teacher

" Being a teacher gives you several titles: Mom, friend, role model, mentor, support system."

3- Event Planner

" By the time the conference kicks off, I have personally communicated with nearly every single attendee."

4- Police Officer

" There was a high-speed pursuit in which the suspects ran their car so fast it died, and we had to jump out and pursue the pair on foot."

5- PR Account Executive

" Understand the value of what you do and treat your job with that kind of respect. "  

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